Why Talk Red to Your Dad

Why Talk Red to Your Dad

In many households, conversations about periods are often left to mothers and daughters. However, it’s essential to break down these traditional barriers. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel awkward mentioning periods to your dad.

There is nothing to be hush about 🤫

Menstruation is a natural biological process that all womankind experience. There’s no secrecy or need to treat periods as something shameful. Normalizing conversations about periods with all family members, including dads, helps to break the stigma and makes it easier for everyone to address menstrual health openly and honestly 


🫂Better Communication & Connection

Open communication within a family strengthens relationships, by strengthening empathy. When you feel comfortable discussing periods with your dad, it encourages a more inclusive and supportive relationship. It allows him the opportunity to empathize & provide you with better support when needed. This openness can extend to other important topics, fostering trust and mutual respect.

🩸Educating Dads on Menstrual Health

Many fathers may not have had the opportunity to learn much about menstruation. By talking to your dad about your period, you’re not only educating him but also helping him become a better ally and advocate for menstrual health. This knowledge can be beneficial for him to support you and other family members more effectively.

💪🏼Empowering Daughters and Fathers Alike

Breaking the silence around periods empowers both daughters and fathers. For daughters, it reduces feelings of shame or embarrassment. For fathers, it provides a chance to demonstrate their care in yet another important aspect of their daughter’s life. 

🤫Breaking Down the “hush-hush”

By having open conversations about periods with your dad, you contribute to breaking down outdated gender stereotypes. It challenges the notion that periods are a “woman’s issue” and shows that men can be informed and supportive parents in menstrual health. The onus need not fall all on the mother.


❗Practical Tips for Starting the Conversation

If you’re unsure how to bring up the topic of periods with your dad, we have suuuper helpful tips for you:

👉🏼Start Simple: Begin with basic information and gauge his response. “Dad, I wanted to talk to you about something important regarding my health.”

👉🏼Be Honest: Share your feelings and why it’s important for you to have his support. 

👉🏼Provide Context: Explain what you might need from him, whether it’s understanding, emotional support, or help in getting period products.

👉🏼Use Resources: Share educational resources or articles that can help him understand menstrual health better.

👉🏼Be Patient: Give him time to process and ask questions. It might be new for him, but with time, it will become easier.


Talking about periods with your dad may feel awkward initially, but it’s a step towards greater understanding and support within your family. Remember, periods are a natural part of life, and involving your dad in these conversations can lead to a more open, inclusive, and supportive relationship 💜

By breaking the silence, you empower yourself and those around you, paving the way for a future where menstrual health is no longer a taboo subject 🩸

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