Why does my underwear stain even after washing?

Why does my underwear stain even after washing?

You just bought a new pair of underwear, and wore them only a couple of times. But, why are there light, bleach-like patches showing up, even after a good wash? 🤔 

Regardless of how often you wash them or how few times they’ve been worn, you might notice lighter areas in the crotch that look like they’ve been bleached.

This isn’t due to a faulty washing machine or excessive wear – your vaginal discharge can actually bleach your underwear!


Why Are There ‘Bleached’ Patches in Your Underwear?

Your menstrual blood is a cocktail of blood, mucus, tissues, enzymes, proteins, etc!

The vaginal discharge in it has a pH level that ranges from 3.5 to 7, leaning towards the acidic side. A healthy vagina produces more acidic discharge, but pH levels can vary due to factors like your sex life, hormones, and menstrual cycle.

The vagina contains ‘good’ bacteria, like lactobacilli, which maintain the optimal acidity level to keep the vagina healthy and prevent bad bacteria from causing infections. This discharge increases during ovulation and pregnancy due to an increase in cervical mucus.

When exposed to air, the discharge & blood can cause mild yellow or rusty brown stains due to oxidation. Guess what? It can also cause holes over time! 🫢

So having bleached patches on your underwear is quite normal and generally nothing to worry about, as long as you continue washing your period underwear thoroughly. Here’s a quick guide on the best way to do it!

Is there something I can do to fix it?

Honestly – not really. 

Enzyme-based cleaning products can help break down discharge stains, but ensure you use gentle cleaning products (avoid harsh cleaners!) to ensure they’re safe from any damage to the fabric! 🌸

When should you be concerned about discharge?

If your discharge comes with: 

😷 A rotten fishy odour
🩸 Bloodstains, especially when you are nowhere near your period
😖 Persistent irritation 
🔥 Burning sensation
❓Unusual colour/texture changes: green discharge or cottage cheese-like texture deserve professional attention as they may be signs of an infection. 

    Your vagina is a delicate balance of enzymes & bacteria - the slightest change can upset this balance. 

    Every cycle, every bleed is different too! 

    While subtle changes in texture and colour are normal throughout the month, extreme bleaching on your period underwear might also be a sign to get your regular checkup done! 🏥






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