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Hip Hugger
Jhanavi Sankar
So comfortable

I bought the hip hugger and it was a game changer. My period was so comfortable.
It’s very easy to wash as well. There is no leakage issues and I wore it for 20+ hours.
I’ve bought some more to make the complete switch
Thanks Nushu for this great product!

Hip Hugger
Great product

Very comfortable and perfect for periods. I’ve tried period panties for the first time and am very impressed. Definitely my go to!!

Super heavy duo

Perfect! I didn't expect it to be so good, but it has been life changing!

Cheeky Lace
A Shristi .
Why haven’t I used this before?

Amazing amazing invention! I hate wasting pads and using this was a breeze didn’t feel icky or uncomfortable at all. Washing it was very easy too. Told all my friends about it. Great!

Amazing product

I cannot recommend Nushu enough! I honestly forget I’m even on my period now. I don’t think I can ever use pads or tampons again after this - what an upgrade.

Hip Hugger
Varsha Dawani
Wet feeling

I have used this panty once this was good but there was a wet feeling throughout that time, this was bit disappointing since that made me uncomfortable to use it

Hip Hugger
Ankita V

Hip Hugger


even pant no stains plus i didn't feel dirty also.

Only disadvantage
Very hard to wash
Even tho it's my own blood i felt a bit nauseous. Using soap and washing also is difficult cause the soap residue remains a bit so gotta keep washing.

Doesn't fit well

This is the only style that I found uncomfortable (lace hipster is SO COMFY). I got the same size as the lace hipster but it is very tight and digs in. Gusset could be a little longer in the front too.

I like it but could be better

Everything is great except 1. The edges get damp 2. It is too low a the back, not enough coverage.

I loved the extended gusset, had no leaks or discomfort while sleeping

Very good but can be improved

First off, super comfy. Stays dry for a long time. Easy to wash. I bought just one to try and immediately bought more for next month.

That said, there are definite issues that need improvement. The trim/ edge absorbs blood and gets wet, in turn making the outer lining damp. Absolutely shouldn't happen.
The padded section is too low in the front for comfort.

Also, consider having different absorbency levels in the same style, since all styles have very different fits. I'd love to buy the lace hipster style with very light absorbency too, and padding right upto the back like the lace bikini does.

Hip Hugger
Preity Galani

Hip Hugger

Lace Hipster
Geetika Gupta
Pad lining too behind.

I recently ordered three Nushu period panties: Hip Hugger, Bikini Brief, and Lace Hipster. Here’s my detailed review:

Hip Hugger and Bikini Brief:
These two styles were absolutely perfect! They were incredibly comfortable and highly absorbent, ensuring that I felt completely dry throughout the day. I experienced no leakages whatsoever, which was a huge relief. The fit was great, and they provided the confidence and protection I needed during my period.

Lace Hipster:
Unfortunately, my experience with the Lace Hipster was disappointing. The design of this style has a significant flaw – the lining of the pad is positioned too far back. As a result, the period blood would often leak out and stain my clothes. This issue persisted even when I wore the Lace Hipster on the 4th day of my period, which usually has a lighter flow. The constant staining was frustrating and defeated the purpose of wearing period panties.

While the Hip Hugger and Bikini Brief are excellent choices that I would highly recommend, the Lace Hipster needs some design improvements. I hope the company addresses the issue with the pad lining to prevent future customers from experiencing similar problems. If they can fix this, Nushu’s period panties would be nearly perfect across all styles.

Hip Hugger
Tara Sood

Hip Hugger

Bikini Brief
Abhilasha Mahapatra
Great product

Was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable i would find the product and its effectiveness.

Super comfortable 😍

Just loved this panty! It’s so comfortable we can’t feel that we are in periods! Thanks nushu for launching this beautiful n comfortable product 😍😍 I recommend to everyone just try it you will love it!

Hip Hugger
Smriti Dubey
Great purchase!!!

Fits like a dream, the fabric is so comfortable. There was no leak. I really like the purchase.

Hip Hugger
Game changer!

Really loved the product! So easy to use, feels like regular underwear and no rashes! The washing was a bit tedious for me for the earlier days when the flow is heavy, but I can live with that. 100% recommend!

Bikini Brief
Bhargavi Kashyap
Perfect fit and Ease of use

I was checking for something very comfortable for my teenager gal who is just getting used to her periods and wanted her to be tension free when she is at school. This product is just superb and one of the best buy! my daughter was so happy when she was back home from school that i felt this was a good decision to go for this product. i would definitely recommend this product as its very handy can be just worn and forget about any leakage on those heavy days .... super soft and durable, easy to use and clean. Its takes care of hygiene as the material is soft so no rashes and need to change atleast for 6-8 hours. My daughter loved it and is very happy with this product. Please go ahead and make a wise choice to buy this product as its totally worth every single penny u are investing!. Thanks Nushu and Team ;))

Lace Bikini
Bhargavi Kashyap
Amazing Product!

i was trying this new product for the first time and i must say that its the BEST ever choice i have made! the quality of the cloth / material used is extremely soft and good, no itching or irritation all day long. its very comfortable on heavy flows days too and hassle free. the ease of use and the durability makes its a perfect must buy product. The cleaning or after use is also simple and does not take more time. If u really are thinking of worthful gift to a good friend then please go ahead and buy this product they will be super happy ;)) Thanks Nushu and Team for such a wonderful product.

Lace Bikini
Shreeya Shriwal
Lace Bikini Review

The underwear feels great and is 100% comfortable. The only thing is that i ordered 2 Lace Bikinis and both of them have stained after the first use itself

Hi Shreeya,

Thank you for your review. We're glad you find the underwear comfortable! As per our call, it has been resolved that the bleach like stains that remain after wash are due to the acidity from vaginal discharge. Since we've gotten this query a few times, we researched it a handful, and decided to publish a blog on our findings!

Hope you find the article useful:

The female anatomy is always surprising!

Team Nushu

Hip Hugger
Tuhina Chatterjee

The period panties are a game changer!

Bikini Brief
Shilpa Abraham

Effective and convenient

Lace Bikini
Pinal wadhwana
Say Bye forever to sanitary pads

After many doubts and concern, I bought these and have been using them since my last 2 cycles. Let me tell you, my periods are now rash and itch free. The material is so soft on skin too. Washing them is pretty easy and quick too. No more worrying about the changing and disposing of pads.
Buy Them. I'm already spreading the word. Thank you, Nushu :)

Hip Hugger
No more sleepless period nights

Soft material. Very comfortable. Soaks a lot. I went 12 hours without changing and I felt no discomfort. Could have gone a couple of hours more. Of course this was to test its soaking power. Though I usually change every 8 hours or so. No leakage. It’s a thick pad (which you won’t realise while wearing it, as it’s so comfortable), so I don’t know how much time it will take to dry in monsoon and winters. Maybe one month in monsoon and one month in no sun winter fog I might switch to the regular sanitary pads only because our normal machine washed clothes take more than a day to dry so a thick pad would take more time. Though I have bought 4 pairs but I still prefer the panties to dry in the sun for extra hygiene. For the rest of the year I am a Nushu girl :)