How It Works

Here is the Detailed Guide on How It works!

Here is the Detailed Guide on How It works!

How It Works

How It Works

Our reusable period underwear keeps you magically dry and comfortable throughout your period cycle with our 4 layer absorbent core.

We researched fabrics extensively for 2 years to find the most effective combination to keep you feeling dry, whilst supporting your flow.

Nushu underwear comes in three levels of absorbency to accommodate medium, heavy, and super heavy days!

Our Materials

Our period panties are made from a prodigal blend of skin-friendly materials:


A soft, breathable, anti-bacterial fabric that hugs your body with a silk-like touch.


The smooth top layer of our quick-absorbent core keeps you fresh and dry all day long.


An absorbent towel-like fibre that absorbs your menstrual flow.


This final layer is TPU-coated to prevent any leaks and seal the flow