Period Underwear through the Ages: From Teens to Menopause

Period Underwear through the Ages: From Teens to Menopause


In the evolving landscape of menstrual care, Reusable Period Underwear has proven to be a versatile and eco-friendly solution for women at every stage of life. From adolescence to menopause, Nushu’s Reusable Period Underwear offers comfort, reliability, and confidence. No matter your age, Nushu’s got you covered! 


For Teens: Embracing Comfort and Confidence

The onset of menstruation can be a challenging time for teens, filled with new experiences and concerns. Nushu’s Reusable Period Underwear is designed to offer a stress-free introduction to menstrual care. They provide leak-proof protection, design, and a super comfy fit to ensure teens can participate in all their favorite activities without worry, promoting a positive body image and self-esteem. Wearing a Super-Heavy absorbency Reusable Period Underwear like our Hip Hugger (Bestseller alert!) or the Lace Hipster, especially when periods can be particularly uncomfortable, painful, and heavy in their initial years, can make their experience a little bit easier. The last thing they need are rashes from pads & frequent leaks!


For Adults: Balancing Lifestyle and Menstrual Care

We all know how demanding ‘adulting’ can be. Nushu Reusable Period Underwear caters to the active lifestyle of adults, offering long-lasting protection that can work with you on varying flow levels. The convenience of not having to change pads frequently throughout the day or deal with rashes and infections, coupled with the environmental benefits of reducing disposable waste, makes period underwear a practical and sustainable choice for menstruating adults. A popular, go-to combo that covers you for all days of your flow is our Lace Trio! It not only has you covered with reliable absorbencies but they also look super cute on!

The Lace Trio includes:

  1. The Lace Hipster absorbs 6 pads-worth of blood (for Super Heavy flow)
  2. The Lace Bikini absorbs 4 pads-worth of blood (for Heavy flow)
  3. The Cheeky Lace absorbs 2 pads-worth of flow (for Medium flow)


For Menopause: Comfort During Transition

Menopause brings about significant changes in a woman's body, including fluctuations in menstrual patterns. During perimenopause, periods can become unpredictable, varying in flow and frequency. Our recommendation? The Cheeky Lace is super soft & comfortable and can be worn on a regular day to protect you from any surprise visits from Auntie Flo! It absorbs up to 2 pads of blood. And once your period is back in ‘full-flow’, our heavy (shoutout to the Lace Bikini) & super-heavy absorbency period underwear like the Hip Hugger have got you covered. Moreover, the breathable materials help in managing hot flashes and night sweats!


Key Benefits Across Ages

Comfort and Security: Nushu’s Reusable Period Underwear is made from a soft, breathable 4-layer absorbent core, providing a super comfortable fit without compromising on leak protection!

Better for Your Health: Prolonged use of plastic (or organic) pads pose some serious health risks, like cancer, infertility, and at the very least, rashes and discomfort in the short term! Why risk comfort or health when you have a much more absorbent and comfortable alternative?

Cost-Effective: Investing in Nushu Reusable Period Underwear can help eliminate your 2-year-worth pad-supply, making it much more affordable in the long run! One Period Underwear can be washed and reused for no less than 2 years.



Reusable Period Underwear is the future of menstrual care! Nushu has reliable, comfortable, and sustainable period care for everyone - from teens just beginning to navigate their menstrual journey to adults seeking a balance between lifestyle and menstrual care, and those going through Menopause looking for comfort during transition. Our Reusable Period Underwear not only promises personal comfort but also contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive approach to menstrual care.

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