Women's Day: Yet another perspective revamped!

Women's Day: Yet another perspective revamped!

I have to admit, I’ve always questioned the purpose of Women’s Day. Being a feminist, I thought women’s day was counterproductive, and that it actually victimized women and gave society a reason to remember the inferior position of women throughout history. 

However, given this year is my baby Nushu’s first Women’s Day, my team and I sat down (2 days ago - lol) to discuss content, and that forced me to reevaluate what women’s day means for:

  1. Nushu as a brand
  2. Society
  3. Me as a woman

Are we close to providing women across societal constraints, equitable opportunities? Have we reached a point where women are truly free in society? Are we ready to celebrate that yet?

My answer to all the above is no

However… I didn’t want to do a women’s day push without believing in it. I’d like to share my new found perspective on women’s day with you, in case it may resonate…

Women’s day is…

  • A day to commemorate how far women have come along in history despite the odds. 
  • An opportunity to get inspired by all the amazing women who have fought for women’s rights throughout history.
  • An indicator that we all have a role to play in advancing the position of women in society today.
  • A reminder that other women have your back too!
  • A whole lotta hope for the future <3

I hope you too will find the true meaning of what Women’s Day means to you. 

Also, it’s not Valentine's day, so thanks but no thanks to the flowers…get them Nushu period underwear instead ;)

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