Moon and Menstruation: A ‘Lunatic’ Belief or Powerful Connection?

Moon and Menstruation: A ‘Lunatic’ Belief or Powerful Connection?

Humans have always, in some form or the other, believed that the moon influences their health in ways even science cannot prove. The connection between the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle can be found in early folklore and medicines, contemporary accounts of full moons and modern spirituality. While many scientific studies rebuke the hypothesis, the general public remains fascinated by the idea that menstruation and the moon may be linked. Why, you wonder? Let’s decode. 

To start off, etymologically at least the connection is clear and indubitable: the root word for ‘menstruation’ comes from the Greek word for Moon – ‘mene’ – and the Latin for month – ‘mensis’.

But historically? There’s much to learn.

From sleep trouble, violent behaviour, mental health to menstrual cycles, several aspects of our health have at one time or another been associated with the Moon. And it all started centuries ago. Ancient cultures, such as the Indians and Greeks, believed that the feminine energy is at the height of its power when the menstrual phases and the lunar cycle are linked. A full lunar cycle lasts from one new moon to the next and takes 29.5 days. The average menstrual cycle is also around 28–29 days long - the math is simple, go figure?! 

Considering this, it doesn't come as a surprise that our ancestors channelled their energies to build a deeper relationship with their bodies, minds and spirits with the help of lunar cycles. 

And of course, scientifically, the connection is more dubious…

There’s no scientific evidence that a synced cycle with the moon is of any benefit, but folklore and alternative health advocates have persistently – and surprisingly – believed that there are benefits to menstruating during the new moon and ovulating during the full moon. And it’s not just them – the first one to suggest a connection between the two cycles was none other than the most revered man in the study of science, Charles Darwin. Since then, several researches and surveys have been done which rebuke the hypothesis as a mere coincidence. However, some believe that connection has been disrupted owing to our modern lifestyle and artificial lights. The moon’s effect on us and nature is powerful, and it wouldn’t be completely ‘lunatic’ to think that even our periods are a phenomena connected to the moon.

Which is also why some people with periods try to sync their cycle to the moon. Here’s why you might want to consider it too, even if you aren’t convinced by the science:

  • It will make you more aware of the moon and its phases.
  • You can learn to direct your energy in specific ways throughout the lunar cycle and your menstrual cycle.
  • Focus on building better habits such as sleeping without digital light in your room.
  • Choose reflective and inward-looking activities during the new moon, and more social, connective activities during the full moon.
  • Make your home a sanctuary and ground inward during the new moon. 

This was just a gist, there’s lots more to be understood and practised about the two cycles. Start with a few readings and then don’t forget to reflect. See you another time. 


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