A Beginner’s Guide to Using Period Underwear

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Period Underwear

In a world where innovation meets necessity, menstrual hygiene products have become progressive. One such innovation that is going to make your cycle comfortable is a period panty, that can absorb up to 6 pads worth of blood. Want to know how to keep the annoying pads and tampons at bay? Read along. 

So, you’re curious about using period panties, but aren't sure if it’ll work, right?

Not to worry. We were in your shoes and remember being equally curious and cautious when we first heard about this concept.

How to use Period Panties

Step 1

Choose your styles according to your flow.

Nushu period panties come in five styles and three levels of absorbency -  super heavy, heavy, and medium, with the following absorption capacities:

We suggest buying a mix of our styles so that you are sorted for your entire cycle. 

Here’s how you can choose:

Super heavy - for your heaviest days

Heavy - for your milder days

Medium - for your light days

For example, if your heaviest is day 1 & 2, with a lighter flow by day 3 & 4 while you reach the tail end at day 5 & 6 with a light flow, we would suggest something like this:

During your heavier days you may want to change into a fresh period panty in the evening if you feel the need to.

Our 5 styles are designed to accommodate each day of your flow, so our Fantastic Five Combo is a great buy to experience our versatile style range, tailor-made for every level of absorbency.

Step 2

Receive your Nushu period underwear, and wait for your cycle! If you use panty liners a few days before your period, you can now use Nushu Cheeky Lace! It's so thin it will feel just like your normal underwear! 

When your period starts, choose which Nushu underwear to wear according to your flow. Wear it all day, we promise you won't leak!

In the evening, if you feel the need, you can change into a fresh period panty, but it’s not mandatory, as our underwear can be worn for up to 24 hours if you feel comfortable.

*Please note, if you bleed extra heavy at night, make sure you wear our Lace Bikini or Hip Hugger to bed as it has extended padding. It will keep you protected as you enjoy your beauty sleep!


Step 3

Once you remove the underwear, you can rinse it under running water in the sink to get all the blood out. Follow up with hand wash or machine wash with any detergent of your choice, and then leave to hang dry (don’t put in the drying machine). The underwear will take 8-10 hours to dry, so make sure you have at least 3 pairs to keep a smooth rotation going

Repeat and Re-use. Experience period freedom, like never before!

If we haven’t answered your questions or you’re still confused – contact us through WhatsApp and we will be happy to assist with all your queries!  


Team Nushu

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