Got Questions about Period Underwear? We gotchu.

Got Questions about Period Underwear? We gotchu.

Hey there! 

We get that it can be hard to trust a new menstrual care product even though it promises better absorbency, comfort, and sustainability than pads! Making a habit switch is tough!

I had my reservations too, when I tried my first period underwear back in 2021. 

But, once I tried it, there was no going back! So, to help you make the right decision, I’ve curated a list of FAQs for you to better understand what Period Underwear is all about & help you build the confidence to switch up your menstrual care!

Q: “How does it work?” 

A: Our Period Underwear is powered with a 4-Layer Absorbent Core. The top layer, which we call the ‘skin touch layer’ is made with lenzing modal, it’s similar to cotton, but dries quicker! We tested several different fabrics for this layer because it’s the one that’s in direct contact with your Vagina. We wanted something performance driven, and after a lot of testing, lenzing modal was it! The middle layer is where all the blood gets soaked up. It’s internally stitched into the gusset of the underwear, so you don’t see or feel this layer. We seal it up with a TPU-coated layer for our No-Leaks-Promise, and then it’s finished off with a layer of bamboo! Read about how each layer works, right here

Q: “Are you sure I won’t smell when I wear one??”

A: When your underwear is exposed in front of you in the washroom, then yes, you would recognise the odour. But the odour doesn’t perspire through your clothes. Tried & tested, by more than 3000 women!

Q: “Can I wear these through the night?” 

A: Yes! Many of our users have even said they get better sleep during their period wearing Nushu instead of pads! 

Q: “Do they really get clean? Are they 100% hygienic?”

A: Absolutely! As long as you rinse, squeeze and wash them with detergent, they’re 100% safe to use. We’ve even sent our product to several gynacs around the country to get their opinion- all green lights on their end! :)

Q: “Do I really not need a pad with Period Underwear?”

A: Nope! Our brand ethos is actually against pads. We believe women deserve a much better method in managing their flow. So, it’s safe to say - You CAN and SHOULD go pad free with Nushu on hand! ;) 

Q: “How many pairs do I need for a cycle?”

A: Depends on how long your period lasts, and how heavy your flow is.. But typically, we suggest 3-5 pairs to ensure a smooth rotation of underwear throughout the cycle. Our Fantastic Five Combo,consists of all 5 styles, across 3 absorbency levels so you have the right companion for each day of your flow! To make the most of your combo, we have a  Beginner’s Guide to Using Period Underwear that you should definitely check out! 

Q: “Can I wear this while swimming?”

A: The underwear isn’t designed for swimming, but we get this question a lot and do know a few women who’ve tried it in the pool and experienced no leaks! So we’d say – take a chance based on how heavy your flow is! 

Q: “How do I wash it?”

A: We put together a step by step guide right here. Just rinse, machine-wash & hang-dry!

Q: “What chemicals are used in the production?”

A: We don’t use ANY additional chemicals in production. The only chemicals used are those that are used in general garment production (such as fabric dye - these would be used in your everyday clothing and underwear too). We haven't opted to add extra chemicals for anti bacterial properties, or fragrance. We believe this is a red flag with the menstrual care industry today and we want to deliver an honest, chemical free product :)

I hope this gives some clarity. If you have a question or concern you’d like to address, you can reach out to me directly! WhatsApp me on +91 8454870509 and quote “FAQ” along with your question, I’ll make sure I answer these myself :) 

Happy Periods!



Founder, Nushu


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