Why we chose Bamboo Fiber for your Nushu Period Underwear

Why we chose Bamboo Fiber for your Nushu Period Underwear

One of our hero fabrics used in our reusable period underwear is – Bamboo! It not only forms the last layer of our 4-Layer Absorbent Core (know more about our tech, right here)but the body of our underwear too!

Ever wondered why? What does bamboo have to do with period absorption? Why choose bamboo for your Nushu Period Underwear?

Our goal at Nushu, has always been to give ALL women the ultimate period care upgrade. Comfortable, yet efficient menstrual care should be the NORM, not a privilege. 

So, after 2 years of intensive research to build the perfect combination of layers that provide comfortable & leak-proof menstrual care, we HAD TO pick Bamboo to form the body of our Period Underwear. 

Here are a few reasons that made Bamboo a crystal-clear winner for us!

  1. Feels Like a Hug:

Fiber so soft & comfy, you wouldn’t want to get out of it – that's bamboo fiber for you! It's all about that gentle, silk-like touch, making your period days feel like a warm embrace. We know that the last thing you need is scratchy discomfort & rashes from a pad!

  1. Stay Dry, Stay Happy:

No one likes feeling damp down there, right? Bamboo fiber soaks up moisture like nobody's business. It’s not the first layer on your Nushu underwear, but it sure is moisture-wicking. Whether it's a light flow or a heavy one, bamboo fiber keeps you feeling dry and comfortable all day long, so you can go about your day without a second thought.

  1. Breathe Easy:

Ever felt like your undies were suffocating you? That’s because often, there isn’t enough airflow. Bamboo fiber is a lot more porous, allowing ample airflow to keep your nether regions cool and comfy. No more sweaty discomfort or stuffiness – just breathable, soft comfort.

  1. Sensitive Skin Approved:

Is your skin just as picky as your cat? Bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning even the most sensitive skin types do not need to deal with the irritation of rashes, redness or itchiness. With bamboo fiber, your sensitive skin is absolutely safe in your Nushu Period Underwear

  1. Hypo-Allergenic:

Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial powers, keeping harmful bacteria at bay and your lady bits happy and healthy, without using any additional solutions or chemicals. With bamboo fiber, you’ve gotten extra protection against infections. 

(But yes, how you wash & take care of your Period Underwear matters! Here’s how you do it right.)


So, now you know why we chose Bamboo fiber for your Nushu Period Underwear! It is a go-to, no-brainer fabric for comfy periods. It's soft, absorbent, breathable, sustainable, and simply kind to your skin. Ready to upgrade your period game? Give our Reusable Period Underwear a try and thank us later!

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