Why I started Nushu

Why I started Nushu

Nushu was born from the idea of a new period 🩸 

For too long now, periods have been perceived as a weakness, by both society, and the menstruator themselves. 

After trying period underwear myself, my perception of my period changed drastically:

  • Having to wash it removed the stigma of period blood being disgusting.
  • I started accepting the bloating during my period.
  • Resting on my period became intentional and guilt free.
  • My inner dialogue was kinder while I PMSed.

All in all, it connected me to my cycle and my body which in turn led to more self respect.

I wanted every woman to experience this. I felt it could possibly help bridge the gap in gender inequality! 

I dug more into existing period products, and found that one of the many reasons periods feel taboo is because of the disposable nature of commonly used period products, like pads and tampons. These products make you ‘dispose’ of your period, with an uncomfortable look on your face, buried under layers and layers of toilet paper. 

Besides, using period underwear has had a positive effect on other parts of my life too. Making sustainable choices comes at greater ease, because I realized reducing waste isn’t difficult, and in fact it feels good to throw less away.

If period underwear works for someone, its positive features have a widespread effect!

We understand that taking the leap could be a risky, difficult decision, especially if we’ve been using the same product, the same brand for decades! 

This is why for Menstrual Hygiene Day this year, we offered a free period panty with every order. 

We wanted to make it lighter on the wallet, so you feel more comfortable making the purchase, especially if you’d been curious.

To trust a new product that barely anyone you know uses, can be a daunting leap of faith. Trusting an underwear to not only soak, but also lock your flow in, can feel questionable at first.  

We hope, this Menstrual Hygiene Day, we’ve enabled more women to not just try the underwear, but make it a part of their monthly ritual 💜




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